In 2014, at the height of the world-wide Ebola scare, former Texas Governor Rick Perry called for the development of an infectious disease platform to help educate first responders, medical providers and the general public.

With the goal of becoming the go-to website for disease symptoms, transmission patterns, treatments, and proper response preparation, Texas Infectious Disease Readiness (TXIDR) is aiming to make it easier to find relevant information and provide education and certification opportunities for healthcare providers looking to enhance their knowledge.

In order to grow its user base, Texas IDR partnered with Burnam | Gray to identify their market penetration, develop a robust digital communications strategy, manage the continuing education platform, and help provide oversight to enhance the Texas IDR website.

Burnam | Gray’s commitment to an ongoing relationship with Texas IDR is a prime example of how we help agencies scale. Through strong evaluations and baseline measurements, we first determine the effectiveness and reach of a program and then use the data to develop a plan for growth. In Texas IDR’s case, that means listening to the needs of doctors, nurses, first responders, community health leaders and balancing their needs with the needs of a more general public to develop a communications strategy with the end user in mind.