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Kate Edwards

My passion for community and the place we call home runs six generations deep in my family’s roots. There is something about San Antonio that keeps me tethered here. It is from this deep connection to family and community that my love for serving and helping others stems.

While my plans did not include working in the nonprofit field, the field found me, and now is part of who I am. After graduating from Baylor University with degrees in Journalism and Public Relations, I jumped feet first into the nonprofit world and began working for an organization in San Antonio serving children and adults with intellectual developmental disabilities. My experience there set me up for a lifetime career dedicated to serving others. Six years later, I was asked to join the San Antonio Area Foundation team as their Director of Communications and Marketing, where I became even more passionate about the incredible work that nonprofits do for our community.

During this time, my family grew, and it is their encouragement and belief in me that enables me to serve you. My husband Jared and I have three awesome kiddos – Noah, Seth, and Julia – and a lively Labrador retriever.

I understand the great honor of working for a nonprofit and the challenges that come from limited resources with unlimited tasks. I thrive on the problem solving, deadlines, collaboration and passion that it takes to humble yourself to live a life of service. And, that’s what I am here for. I can’t wait to help you make our world a little bit better.