Goodwill San Antonio

Goodwill San Antonio is South Texas’ premier workforce development nonprofit organization. With an $80 million budget, 26 retail stores, and dozens of learning academies and training sites, Goodwill seeks to change lives through the power of work.

Goodwill traditionally relies on revenue from their retail stores, but with the rise of commercial thrift store competitors, the organization is seeking to adjust the way it engages with the community and better tell its story of impact. Our partnership with Goodwill San Antonio is focused on coaching, training and supporting their staff as they develop new marketing and communications outreach strategies. We are also focused on developing Goodwill’s internal culture of philanthropy to help them better connect with supporters and socially conscience shoppers.

As part of our relationship, we help the Goodwill team develop and set marketing goals, execute smart digital ad campaigns, connect with new donors, segment their delivery, strengthen their public relations outreach, and build the staff’s capacity to execute traditional fundraising and advancement strategies. In our first four months of working together, Goodwill saw their Facebook following grow by the same amount in the entire year prior. We have also helped to grow their email acquisition list by 1,000 addresses.

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