Earn a bike

Earn A Bike Coop (EAB), under FitZip.org, officially opened its community bike shop doors in June 2013 with one goal… to make cycling affordable and accessible to all.

Since its inception, EAB has expanded its programming to reduce health risks caused by overweight and obesity, teach safe cycling and has paid closer attention towards youth. The program model is strong, but as a young nonprofit, the founder and board of Earn A Bike were seeking support in the areas of organizational development and fundraising.

Burnam | Gray came in to assist with more fully engaging the board through the development of a committee structure that worked for their unique needs, to write and submit grant proposals on behalf of the organization, to review content on the website and to serve as ongoing counsel as it relates to program expansion and organizational growth. As with several of our clients, Earn A Bike staff and board brought the passion, ideas and model, we were there to provide the ignition.

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