San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic

San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic was established by First Presbyterian church in 1986 with the mission to meet the unmet needs of homeless and impoverished Bexar County adults by providing them with free routine dental care. In 2012, their mission grew from the basement of First Baptist church downtown to a full-sized medical facility on the Haven for Hope campus. With a beautiful new facility and the ability to care for more than twice as many patients, San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic partnered with Burnam | Gray to help increase their web presence and better educate the community on the need to support dental care.

Through our long-term partnership together, Burnam | Gray has worked on a variety of efforts together. We helped the organization develop a process for receiving online donations, created an online process for screening applicants – rather than manually doing so – created their social media accounts, and grew their web traffic by over 1,000 percent. Through the efforts of a stronger online presence, San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic has been able to broadcast its services to the greater community, and not only increase their brand awareness, but also streamline application processes along the way. We are currently working on fund development strategies for re-engaging donors and building a culture of philanthropy within the organization.

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