David’s Legacy

David’s Legacy Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending cyberbullying by educating communities about the harmful effects of cyber abuse, providing support for bullying victims, promoting kindness, and supporting legislation that prohibits the cyberbullying of minors.

David’s Legacy Foundation is currently focused on three pillars: Legislation, Education, and Pro-bono Legal Services for families facing incidents of cyberbullying.

Since the Spring of 2018, Burnam | Gray has been working to support and equip the staff and board to meet the demands of exponential organizational growth and new program opportunities. We provide the executive director and board of David’s Legacy Foundation with regular guidance and consulting support as it relates to operational planning and board engagement. We are working in tandem to create an operational guide that outlines SMART goals and objectives, activities for each goal, person(s) responsible and timelines to achieve the work all through the lens of the three organizational pillars.

Burnam | Gray also provides guidance and writing for the organization’s speeches. A large part of David’s Legacy Foundation’s programming is presenting to a variety of audiences throughout the State of Texas on the story of David Molak, the effects of cyberbullying and David’s Law. We tailor each speech to the topic and audience and work one-on-one with the speaker to ensure the presentation is well-crafted and includes the appropriate calls to action.

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