Local San Antonio attorney William Cruz Shaw is a leader and advocate. As a business owner and neighbor, he saw the desperate need for a council representative who listens to the community and takes a collaborative and proactive approach to community change.

In his first political run, William Cruz Shaw set his sights for San Antonio City Council District Two in May 2017 against an incumbent with high name recognition and greater financial backing.

Burnam | Gray was asked to build a digital presence from the ground up and run the communications for Cruz’s campaign. This included: email, social media, fundraising strategies and voter data analysis. By applying grassroots community organizing techniques, smart market analytics and digital strategies, Cruz was able to share and communicate his vision and connect to a devoted voter base.

His campaign had more than quintuple the amount of online engagement than his opponent and far surpassed his opponent’s social media following. Cruz earned enough votes in the May election to keep the incumbent from reaching the necessary 50 percent for the win and move the election to a runoff. The Cruz team worked tirelessly during the runoff campaign and unseated the incumbent with 56 percent of the vote.

It is an honor to ignite the work of people who are passionate about their vision for a better community. We are excited to see Cruz in action as the new District Two council representative for San Antonio.

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