City Education

City Education Partners (CEP) is an emerging San Antonio nonprofit that provides coordinated grants to public school operators and teacher preparation pathways in order to create quality schools and attract top teaching talent to the urban core of our community.

As a part of this effort, CEP is partnering with the Burnam | Gray team on a number of initiatives, including an effort to attract and retain top teaching talent from across the country to San Antonio. Burnam | Gray is managing and facilitating the creation of a teacher recruitment website platform where educators from across the country are provided perks to live and teach in San Antonio’s urban core public schools.

Through our partnership, Burnam | Gray is developing the marketing and public relations content for this new platform, facilitating the creation of website wireframes and branding, and helping CEP establish a communications pipeline to streamline teacher recruitment and the application processes. Together, we are telling the story of why top teaching talent should come to San Antonio to make their educational impact.

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