Alamo Heights
United Methodist Church

Alamo Heights United Methodist Church (AHUMC) is one of the oldest and largest mainline Protestant churches in the San Antonio area. With a staff of over 30, multiple church campuses, and dozens of ministry and outreach opportunities, AHUMC seeks to partner with God in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth by making disciples of Jesus Christ. As one of the most well-recognized churches in San Antonio, AHUMC has relied on its historic brand and presence to attract congregants to its campus.

However, with a growing need to better articulate how the church serves the community, and attract the next generation of church members, AHUMC turned to the team of Burnam | Gray. We are assessing their current communications (both internal and external), equipping staff with a plan and the tools to boost engagement through communications, and developing new opportunities to more effectively engage with their congregants through a clear and concise messaging to the community at-large.

As part of our partnership with AHUMC, we are helping the team identify and determine next steps for internal communications, congregational care, and external communications outreach while ensuring procedures are in place to help the church fulfill its calling.

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